• How do I locate a Photo Booth service provider in my local area?

It's simple! You need to be on the ThePhotoBoothDirectory.com HOME PAGE.  Once you're on the "HOME PAGE", you'll see a Search box in the middle of the page. Type in your city or zip codde and hit "Search". The results for your request will be displayed within seconds. All smaller cities are included in the city closest to them.


  • I typed in the search box and nothing happened?

Make certain you have the latest version of your browser's software update for your computer. If you're using a mobile device, sometimes you might need to close and re-open your Webbrowers App on your mobile device.


  • Do I need to join and become a member to search for a PHOTO BOOTH service?

No. Memberships are reserved for Photo Booth service providers and related businesses in the indusrty. All visitors are free to view the site at anytime.


  • My local city shows no vendors in my local area, what do I do?

All major cities within 50 miles from the next largest city are listed in our database. If your specific city is not listed, choose the NEAREST city to the city you are specificially looking for. All services will be displayed in this area in the search results. An alternative is to use the search boxes below the flashmap. You can search by company name or zip/postal code.


  • There are no listings (or just a few) under the search results for the area I serached?

Some of the smaller cities have a smaller amount of vendors available because many of the companies elect to list their company in larger cities. We suggest... either using the "Area radius" selector in the blue bar in thea search results bar. It defaults to 50 miles, but you can expand this to up to 200 miles... OR...  Do a new search, by tyoing in a larger city name or zip/postal code.


  • The company I'm searching for is not listed on the site?

We only list and display the Photo Booth operators and companies that volunteer their information and create an account. It's up to that individual or company to log on, create an account, and submit their information into our database and keep it updated. If they are not in here, they are one of just a few that have not taken the time to log on to the site and create an account. Please contact us and we will help you locate them: Contact us.


  • Why do some listings appear larger than others in a search?

Each company has the option to display their listing where and how they choose by the listing package they elect to purchase. The more expensive listing packages provide a company with a larger ad (top placement) and greater exposure and features (photo and video galleries and reviews) to promote their company to you.


  • I contacted a company and they have not replied yet, why?

ThePhotoBoothDirectory.com is solely a directory and is not responsible for the actions taken or not taken by any company that has elected to list on this site. It's possible they did not receive your message... it happens! We suggest calling, emailing or logging on to their FaceBook page (if you can locate them) or do a search in Google to find them.


  • What is the "Get-A-Quote" feature displayed in some listings?

This is a simple inquiry form that appears requesting the specific details about your upcoming event, so the company can get back to you with a price quote and explain more about their services. Once you have completed the form, click on the "Submit" button, located at the bottom of the form. Your information is then immediately delivered directly (via e-mail) to that specific company only, privately! Depending on the company, expect a reply, from that company shortly. A quicker way to learn more about the company and their services is to simply call them on the phone or click on the "Contact us" link in their listing. It's always best to talk and meet with any service provider to help you plan your event with complete details.


  • What is the "Photo Gallery" or "Video Gallery" button that appears in some listings?

These members have elected to share a few photos or videos woth you. Click on the button and view an array of photos (or videos) uploaded by that company. Enjoy!


  • What is your privacy policy?

Any information collected through this site will not be shared with any other parties or entities.


  • What is your refund policy?

If you are an active member of thhis site and purchased a listing (upgraded listing), you have up to 10 days, from the date of purchase, to request a full refund. No refunds will be given after 10 days.


  • I have a question, but it was not answered on this page. I still need HELP!!

Ask us! We have a staff of customer service representatives available to answer your questions. Contact us HERE.