Photo Booth Tips and Information


If you're just starting a new photo booth business, there were a few things to know, to make things go smoother at your events. Some of these may seem obvious, but they’re important to remember while you’re preparing and working for your clients and at your photo booth events.

1. Contact your Client at least 5 days Prior
Once the event is booked, we strongly suggest contacting your client at least 5 days prior to the event date. Your call is to confirm specific details regarding directions to the location (get the exact address and name of venue), delivery area (unloading the equipment), and where you are setting up the photo booth in the room, what time you should arrive, your needs (table for props, electricity, space/area (size), etc) and any other information about the event itself and the venue. It’s a good idea to  confirm they have the proper power source available.

2. Give Yourself Extra Time to Unload and Set up
We suggrest arriving at your event location about two hours prior to your photo booth start time. This allows time to set up, take a few test shots, and adjust the camera settings based on the light in the room. If you cut it close, and can’t find a close unloading area, you may cut into the reservation time, which is a big no-no. The distance you have to carry your equipment plays a big role in how early you should arrive.

3. Bring Additional Rolls of Photo Paper and Ink
You never know if you are going to have technical issues, or if the booth is going to be busy all night. Don't cut it close with the number of ink and paper rolls you bring. Better safe than sorry. Running out of paper/ink is one of the worst things that can happen especially sincce your client is expecting printouts during the times they hired you.

4. Have Fun at Your Event - Smile!
Nobody likes a frowning face photo booth operator. So, always be cheery and smile at all times. It's more fun for the guest and you too! NEVER use your cell phone during the event. Focus on helping the guests and guide them while in the booth taking photos. Answer any questions they may have. Working photo booth events for many hours will go faster if you just have FUN!

5. Keep Your Area Looking Good At All Times
Keep the props organized and looking good. Many time,s people will not put the props back on the table (or area) after using them, so it's important to keep the props looking good. Move any objects away at all times (empty drinks, plates, etc). Keep it neat and clean!

6. Dress Properly at the Event
It's always a good idea to ask the cleint (or your contact), prior to the event, what the attire will be at the event. If you're working at a Wedding, Mitzvah or Corporate event, wear soemthing nice (a black pair of dress pants and buttondown shirt). Many events you can wear a nice Polo shirt (with your company name on it, which is always nice). Bottom line, always find out what the artire is and dress accordingly. When arriving and setting up, you can wear street clothes. Once you're done bringing in your equipment and setting it up, give yourself about 15 minutes to change into your "work attire" and freshen up. Appearance is important along with a good attitude.

7. After The Event is Over
Once the event concludes, always try to find your contact to say goodbye and thenk them for having you at their event. This is the perfect time to get a gratuity (maybe), Don't expect one, but if you leave and never thank them, you will have no chance to make a little extra cosh. A few days after the event is over, send all of the digital files to the client (free) and thank them again in your message. ASk them for any constructive feedback (positive or negative)... You can learn from what your cleints tell you, so listen to what they say. Listen to others, and learn from their advise and feednback, and you will be successful.

8. Purchase Professional Quality Equipment!
Purchasing the most afforable professional quality equipemt (camera, printer (dye sublimation), computer, wires, etc) will go a long way... not just at your events, but last longer too, and you'll have less breakdowns and issues at your events. So, buy equipment that will last, so  your photo booth runs smoothly without any issues. Don't be cheap!

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